1st Report!!!

Hello All! I will be getting Conover's 1st report tomorrow(2/26/08). We will be getting it after lunch by phone...so pray that it is GOOD!! But also pray I will remember that you can't make a tulip into a rose...(But I will still love my tulip!)

-Pet sitting malti-poo, I know remember how much I HATE little dogs!!!


  1. Good luck! I would love getting the IFT reports by phone though! then I could ask questions for an hour! Lol, that is probably why they don't do it at GDB! They would never get anything else done!

  2. Hope the first report goes well. You certainly are lucky to get a report so quickly. We don't get our first reports in SW until about 6 weeks after turn in.
    And there is nothing wrong with tulips so keep that in mind. Plus first reports are generally not the best. It takes a while for the dogs to settle into a routine.


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